Play like Garry Kasparov – Part one – Kasparov – Seirawan, Skelleftea 1989


Kasparov – Seirawan, Skelleftea, 1989

The following encounter in the Modern Benoni between the 13th World Champion and American Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan presents a great training material. The game is reach in tactical possibilities and is excellent for calculation exercise.

We have singled out three particular positions from the game for the readers to solve. Take some time in every position and try to determine the best move for Black, but also try to take White’s resources into account.

The variations are approved by Kasparov himself, as they are taken from his book, “Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, 1985- 1993”.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Good luck!

Position 1

Kasparov played Nf4 in this position. Can you find a stronger alternative?

Position 2

Can you find the best move for Black in this position?

Position 3

Kasparov took with the rook on e5 in this position, which put him on the verge on defeat. Can you find a stronger alternative?




Solution – Position 1

Solution  – Position 2

Solution – Position 3




Complete game:

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