Weekly chess studies # 13 – Mihail Croitor study

Weekly chess studies #13:

Mihail Croitor study

A nice little endgame study which requires a lot of precise calculation. Excellent for exercise:

White to play and win

Weekly chess study #9 – Hermanis Mattison study solution


White to play and draw


This is one of the easier studies featured on this blog, but is still somewhat tricky and instructive.

White’s only drawing path is:

1. hxg5!+ Kh5 2 g6! fxg6 (only try for a win) 

3 f5! gxf5  4 Kg1! 

Not 4 Kg2 Kg4! and Black has the opposition.

4… Kg5 5 Kf1! 

And Black can’t win.

It is instructive to see other first moves by White, that lead to a loss:

A) 1 fxg5? Kh5! 2 g6 fxg6

B) 1 Kg2? gxh4 2 Kf3 Kh5

Weekly chess study #9 – Hermanis Mattison study


Latvia has blessed us with multiple chess magicians. The name of Mikhail Tal is well known, but Hermanis Mattison‘s name also deserves some recognition.

Because if Tal was magician in chess playing domain, then Mattison is surely a magician in chess composition domain.

This week’s study is probably the easiest so far. It is a Mattison’s cute little pawn endgame problem:

White to play and draw

Chessentials featured Sundays #1 – Henrik Ginderskov

In our first chessentials featured Sunday, we analyze a game submitted by the reader under the name of Henrik Ginderskov.

Apparently, after the game, he went on to delete everything related to chess from his web browsers and computer, so I think we can safely assume he was slightly dissapointed with the outcome.

Luckily for us, he returned the websites and felt free enough to share his thoughts about the game. I have added my own analysis of the game as well here. His comments are denoted with HG, and mine with VN. Also, all exclamation and question marks are his own.

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Daily chess tactics #20 – Solution


Kashlinskaya – Girya, Russian Superfinal, 2014.

Black to play and win


I think this might be one of the easier problems on this blog so far:

1… Rxg2+!

And Black mates in couple of moves, with Rc2+ coming.