Dealing with d4 deviations – Book review


Every chess tournament I have participated in has had THAT moment.

THAT moment when after refreshing the pairings in the solitude of your apartment and lamenting about how you got the Black pieces again, you rush to open your Chessbase to quick scan your opponent’s repertoire, only to realize that once again you have to deal with someone who is very stubbornly refusing to cross the 4th rank of the board with his „d4-c3-e3“ offbeat openings rubbish.

And typically, after an unpleasant realisation that your opponent plays chess the way Mourinho’s teams play football, you immediatelly close the Chessbase as quickly as possible („ What the hell, i can equalise as i please “)  and as a mental preparation you go rewatch the 2009 Barcelona – Chelsea Championship League match, to remind yourself that there is indeed some higher justice (thank you mr. Tom Henning Øvrebø).

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