Chess tactics for beginners – Chess combination elements


In the previous post we have written about best ways to improve your chess.

One of the suggestions was very blatant, as it simply said that studying chess is esential for improvement.

The natural question for someone who is new to chess is, what to study and how to begin. This post will therefore, partly try to answer these questions.

One of the most often heard advice for beginners is to work on one’s tactical skill. It sure is a great advice, especially for kids, because the best way to do so is by solving tactical puzzles. And tactical puzzles are so much FUN. 

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Daily chess tactics #16

Daily chess tactics #16

Yakovich – Dolmatov, Russia, 1999

White to play and win

Weekly chess study #4 – Genrikh Kasparian study


We have already become acquainted with the name of Genrikh Kasparian on this blog.

Since he is considered to be THE GREATEST chess composer ever, here is another one of his brilliancies.

White to play and win

Daily chess tactics # 15 – Solution

Daily chess tactics #15

Karpov – Taimanov, Leningrad, 1977

Black to play and win


Black has a winning combination based on the OVERLOADED white queen:

1.. Ng3!!

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How to get better at chess


Very recently a college colleague of mine has sent me the following FACEBOOK INBOX (sorry, EMAILS are so 20th century):

” Hey Vjeko, recently I have started playing alot of chess over the Internet. I have also done some chess studying, mostly openings, but I am confused whether that is the best way to start learning chess. Therefore, I am sending you this INBOX. Since I have virtually no idea how to start, perhaps you can share your thoughts and recommendations. “

To be honest, I had to resist a serious urge to quote the Bible in Dave Allen style, since it apparently states that ” IT ALL STARTED IN THE BEGINNING.”


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